Terms & conditions



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Sep 8, 2022

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions govern the provision of services and products by PFM Holding UK Ltd and subsidiary companies ("we/us"), including hardware, field services, and cloud-hosted reporting platforms, to the client ("you").

2. Application and Entire Agreement

 These Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of services and products by PFM Holding UK Ltd and subsidiary companies, encompassing hardware, field services, and a cloud-hosted reporting platform.

 Acceptance of our quotation or performance of services constitutes agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

3. Definitions

"Client": The person or organization engaging with our services.

"Services": The services provided by us, as detailed in our offers or agreements.

"Products": Hardware or software provided as part of our services.

"Agreement": The contractual agreement formed upon acceptance of our offer.

4. Formation of Agreements

Offers and acceptance are confirmed in writing. Clients are responsible for providing accurate information for agreement execution.

5. Services

We warrant the use of reasonable care and skill in performance, complying materially with the quotation.

Changes necessary to comply with law or safety requirements will be communicated.

6. Your Obligations

You must obtain necessary permissions, consents, and provide relevant information, materials, and access required for service provision.

7. Prices, Fees and Payment

Prices and Fees are outlined in the quotation and are exclusive of VAT and other taxes.

Payment terms are 30 days from invoice, with interest applicable on overdue payments at 5% per annum above the Bank of England base rate. 

8. Cancellation and Amendment

Quotations can be withdrawn or amended if not accepted within 30 days. Any changes requested by you may incur additional costs.

9. Sub-Contracting and Assignment

PFM Holding UK Ltd may subcontract or delegate obligations to third parties.

Client may not transfer rights or obligations without written consent. 

10. Termination

Services can be terminated immediately under specific breach conditions, including non-payment and insolvency events.

11. Intellectual Property

All copyright and intellectual property rights in goods supplied are reserved.

12. Liability and Indemnity

Liability is limited to the total amount of fees payable, with specific exclusions detailed.

Indemnification is required against damages or expenses arising from client-caused equipment damage.

13. Data Protection

Compliant with GDPR, PFM Holding UK Ltd processes personal data as a 'data processor' with the client as 'data controller'.

14. Guarantees

A twelve-month guarantee period for labour and manufacturer's guarantees for parts or equipment, with conditions specified for claim validity.

15. Force Majeure

Neither party is liable for failure or delay resulting from events beyond reasonable control, with a provision for service termination after 90 days of continuous delay.

16. General

Notices must be in writing and addressed to the latest provided address.

No waiver for any right or remedy unless in writing.

Severability of invalid or unenforceable terms.

Governing law and jurisdiction in England and Wales. 

17. Contact Information

Client support contact details for queries or concerns.

For detailed queries regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact info.uk@pfm-intelligence.com.