The weekly reports from PFM are easily adapted to our wishes."

Bôte Galema, Commercial Director Sports Unlimited Retail bv

Company information Perry 
Perry supports moving from the philosophy 'those who are aware move, those who experience move'. Perry does not only support physical exercise, but also mental exercise.

At Perry you can find everything you need to ‘move’ since 1866. They offer a wide collection of top brands and all products are functional and in line with the latest fashion.

Until 2016, Perry only knew exactly how the customer navigated through the online store. With the development of the new store concept in December 2016, there was a strong need to see how the customer moves through the physical stores and what the attraction of the new store is to the shoppers. With the PFM footfall counters, they are able to switch to changing shopping behavior at any time.

Perry measures the capture rate of its stores and compares this to the street traffic trend line to see how attractive the stores, shop windows and front stores are. They can even calculate a conversion rate per floor for the flagship stores in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Partly based on PFM data, they adapted the layout of the flagship stores by presenting certain product groups at a different location in the store, which immediately led to an increase in conversion.

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