Working at PFM Intelligence Group

We are the PFM Intelligence Group. Within the Group we have specialized in Footfall and Communication solutions. We recently added IT infrastructure to our core business capabilities. Maybe you’ve never heard of us, but there are many ways in which you could have encountered us.. Maybe you recently visited a shopping mall? Or walked around in the city centre? Maybe you recently ordered something at a drive-thru restaurant? Or visited a city with free wi-fi?

It is our mission to become market leaders in the fields we are active in. For this we are always looking for great people who can help achieve our goals! We want to be the best company an employee can wish for. We invest in personal development and reward initiative. We believe in the ‘work hard play hard’ principle. We regularly organise fun events for our staff members, such as a curling tournament or a golf clinic. Are you looking for a place where you can make a difference and have fun while doing it? Take a look at our current job openings or inspiring internships. Nothing for you right now? Keep checking this page for new opportunities or send an open application with motivation to


Are you an expert in IT/ICT or have a thing for software development or marketing? Most important is you are an enthusiastic person, willing to learn and develop yourself within our ambitious international team. Look here for our current job openings. Nothing for you now? Send us a  an open application with motivation to


Are you looking for a great place to learn and/or do research? We offer internships in different departments such as IT, Client Services, Marketing, Finance and Electrical Engineering. At this moment there is no vacancy, but if you have an interesting research to offer, please let us know! Send us an open application with motivation to

Brief history lesson

Being a company originally founded in the Netherlands, there are some typical Dutch values you will find throughout all offices in several countries. Now don’t think we are all walking around in wooden shoes or eating cheese all day… Dutch people are historically known for their entrepreneurial skills, seeking new business opportunities and being disciplined and reliable business partners. We see these qualities in our people as well. We are an open-minded international group of people all with different qualities and talents to help move the business forward. We would like to introduce some of our people: 

David Sturdy 

"I have been leading the UK office of PFM for over 17 years. What started with people counting has deve-loped into a company offering our clients complete solutions for both footfall and communication. It's been an amazing journey, looking forward to what is to come". 


Bart Schmitz

"Since I took over the company in 2012 it has been my focus to develop PFM into a global brand with several disciplines. I am proud of our team and the clients we work for. We have accomplished so many great things already, I can't wait to see what the future brings"!   


It is our mission to deliver the most innovative, accessible, reliable and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

It is our goal to become the all-in-one world class data insights company to ensure retailers, governments, investment firms, transport hubs and many more can benefit from our analytics, insights and knowledge.

Core values

Passionate: Passion is what drives us to be great at everything we do. We go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the daily business of our clients.

Flexible: As PFM Brand Ambassadors we know it is of great importance to be flexible, since no request is ever the same. We thrive in custom made solutions, where flexibility is key.

More than reliable: An ideal business partner is one that is reliable and honest. Here at PFM our culture is all about building trust through transparency in everything we do, which is why we excel as a team.


Technology & Innovation: We value the importance of cutting edge technology and have always been in front of developments from the very beginning of PFM in 1982. 

Ambition: We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. We go beyond the responsibilities of our job description in order to deliver nothing but the best. 

Excellence: Delivering only excellent quality in everything we create, from software to content, from products to service. Competition is our world; top performance is our goal. Create additional value, be outstanding!