Shopping centre Zuidplein

Winkelcentrum Zuidplein

‘The hands-on approach of PFM combined with the 'less talk more action' principle of Rotterdam Zuid ensured a smooth and fast installation. This enabled management to have a clear picture of visitor flows and a reliable counting system in a very short period of time’.
Ronald van Amerongen, Senior Accountmanager MVGM Winkel VVE Management

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In ‘Rotterdam Zuid’ you will find the beautiful shopping centre Zuidplein. With over 160 stores, restaurants and a large parking garage, Zuidplein shopping centre is one of the largest indoor shopping centres in the Netherlands and definitely worth a visit.

While the retail crisis hits a large number of shopping centres, Zuidplein has managed to maintain its position in recent years with a constant stream of nearly 11 million visitors a year. We are very proud to say we recently added Zuidplein to our list of clients.

At the beginning of this year, the majority of owners of shopping centre Zuidplein agreed to an upgrade in order to improve the quality, experience, appearance and residential value of the shopping centre. In the initial phase they reached out to PFM for the installation of footfall counting systems in the shopping centre in order to be able to measure the flow of visitors. Zuidplein wanted to have a reliable and complete footfall counting system in order to have a clear baseline for future measurements. This makes it possible to provide insight into the effects of the upgrade of the shopping centre. Various important questions can be answered such as; do the number of visitors increase as a result of the upgrade, is there a chance in walkways, does dwell time increase, is there a change in visit frequency, what are the busiest hours and is there a change in buying behaviour of visitors to Zuidplein? By installing a footfall system in time, the effect can be correctly analysed afterwards. Since the upgrade is expected to start in the summer of 2020, it was  important to install the footfall systems quickly. There was quite some pressure on PFM to install in a short timeframe.

PFM installed 27 cameras and 10 scanners in a few weeks. In a close and pleasant cooperation where the ultimate goal was clear to everyone, the PFM engineers worked well under pressure and installed quickly and accurately. Extensive consultation between engineers, manager and PFM and the close cooperation ultimately led to a successful installation of all cameras and scanners.

The data from the visitor counting systems offer shopping centre Zuidplein more insight into walking routes, peak pressure points spread across the centre, visit frequencies and more. All data is visible in the online PFM Dashboard.

Shopping centre Zuidplein

In addition, shopping centre Zuidplein receives quarterly reports with information on visitor numbers (per entrance and total), dwell time, events are highlighted, the centre is compared to references and the data are translated into clear insights for the owners of the shopping centre.

You can find more information about shopping centre Zuidplein here.