De Bijenkorf


"PFM ensured that we switched from existing systems to real-time insights into visitor numbers within a few days. Based on these data, a "crowded" meter has been published on the website of De Bijenkorf which allows our customers to see how busy it is so they can decide when it’s the best time to visit stores."
Jeroen Petit, IT program Manager De Bijenkorf

Company Information 
De Bijenkorf has been a strong brand in the Netherlands for over 150 years. It’s the most inspiring, surprising and creative department store where everyone is special. It focuses on the middle, higher and luxury segment, with a lot of focus on service, innovation and a premium shopping experience.

In 1915, when the department store was in full operation, exhibitions of young artists, country campaigns and new forms of advertising that that characterize De Bijenkorf to this day. With its rich history, a clear mission, the most beautiful brands and beautiful premises, De Bijenkorf has been a household name in the Netherlands for 150 years.

PFM visitor counting technology has been used for years at De Bijenkorf for conversion calculation, insight into the numbers of visitors per floor and to analyze data trends. The PFM solution offers De Bijenkorf not only insight into the total number of visitors, but also the number of visitors per floor. And with it the trips through the store.

Much has happened since the onset of the corona crisis. De Bijenkorf also temporarily closed its doors. With the necessary precautions, De Bijenkorf reopened its doors on April 29 and customers are welcome in the store again. One of the measures is a more active door policy to ensure that employees and customers are safe in De Bijenkorf. PFM has upgraded the counting systems, enabling real-time insight into visitor numbers. The maximum number of visitors is closely monitored to ensure safety.

More information about De Bijenkorf can be found here.