Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Group (CWG) is the developer of the largest urban regeneration project in Europe. It develops, manages and owns interests in approximately 9 million sq. ft of mixed-use space and over 1,100 Build to Rent apartments.

Creating Canary Wharf’s original 97 acres from the once derelict London Docklands was Europe’s largest ever urban regeneration project. Over thirty years since work began, Canary Wharf is now firmly established as home to the headquarters of some of the world’s largest companies, as well as being one of London’s most renowned destinations for shopping, leisure and eating out.

As the Estate expands eastwards at Wood Wharf, a development site totalling nearly 6 million sq. ft that will provide over 3,300 new homes, 2 million sq. ft of high quality office space, and a further 390,000 sq. ft of shops, restaurants and community uses, the existing Estate also continues to evolve — whether that’s attracting a new generation of tech companies, incorporating the very latest ‘smart city’ technologies, heralding the arrival of Crossrail, or opening an ever-more diverse mix of places to shop, eat and relax.

It’s all here – CWG has created a 24/7 city where people can live, work and thrive on the Canary Wharf estate and enjoy all the benefits: great transport links, access to green spaces and waterside living; and a wider range of amenities including an award-winning arts and events programme. Canary Wharf’s retail offering comprises over 300 shops, including grocery stores, pharmacies, health clubs, bars and restaurants, all within a 15 minutes’ walk.

Footfall Partner

Canary Wharf recently went to market for a new footfall system and data partner. It had a well-established and long used footfall system and the main concern was to find a partner that had experience in seamless platform migration, data alignment, project management and software development. PFM Footfall Intelligence were chosen to become the new footfall system and data analytics partner. The solution PFM Footfall Intelligence offered was a full refresh of the footfall counting technology, the ingestion and transition of the full historic footfall data, real time data reporting platform and full ongoing support solution.

PFM Footfall Intelligence


PFM’s real time data solution delivered via their Advantage analytics platform provides dependable and accurate data for the Canary Wharf management. This has proved particularly invaluable this year whilst we navigate the business through the challenges of Covid-19.

PFMs data team consulted and provided a seamless transition, improving on and refining the solution and service, demonstrating increased accuracy, whilst at the same time maintaining the validity of the historic data.

PFM’s comprehensive service solution guarantees highly available and consistently accurate data combined with actionable insights for the evolving needs of the Management Team.

By delivering exactly what was promised during our tender process, PFM have become a trusted and valued partner of Canary Wharf Group.